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Yoga by the Bay

I received a notice today that someone else supposedly owns the copyright to one of my yoga videos, or is claiming rights to the music in my video. However this video features original music by CAZ, who is also the Videographer of my yoga videos. It could be a scam because this video was only viewed 4 times, in other words the video hasn’t exactly gone viral. Do any of you watch my YouTube channel? If so I’d like some feedback from my viewers before I make more videos.

Yoga in Morro Bay, CA

Least Watched Video

As of 11/4/14, the “least watched” video on the Born Again Naturalist YouTube channel is Yoga Flow 23 – filmed at Morro Bay, CA.

BAN Video Update

My sincere apologies for not updating this blog each time new videos are uploaded! My last post featured a series of uploads pre-summer near La Jolla Cove, San Diego CA. I guess I got sidetracked with a month-long trip up the West Coast – to film Yoga Videos! From Big Sur to Monterey California – to Harris Beach Oregon – to Camano Island Washington, the beauty of nature sets the stage for yoga sessions filled with beauty and tranquility. Check out the videos from Summer 2014 on YouTube, via

New Yoga Videos

New Yoga flow sequencing – filmed at Nicholson Point, La Jolla CA

Yoga Videos on YouTube

View and subscribe to the Born Again Naturalist YouTube Channel:

Yoga Flow sequencing by Yoga Instructor Lisa Beth 🙂